Private Chauffeur Tours of the UK

Meet our private driver guides.

At British Heritage Chauffeur Tours we  have an elite team of gentlemen who take great pride in being able to entertain and enlighten our guests while accompanying them on their adventures throughout the United Kingdom.


Ian is passionate about the history of our wonderful country and delights in sharing his knowledge with our guests. Also a passionate motorist, he spent thirty years in the motor industry at the highest level providing cars to the rich and famous. He changed career several years ago and is a fully qualified tour guide officially registered in London and a member of the City of Westminster Guide Lecturers Association. He is undoubtedly our resident gourmand and interpreter as he speaks fluent Spanish.




We’re delighted to welcome David (Dave) to our team. Dave’s career started in the Royal Air Force. He was trained in high security driving and is a RoSPA advanced driver. Following his military career he moved into the diplomatic world driving Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers and high level diplomats. Due to his diplomatic duties in arranging visits to French memorials he developed a keen interest in the First and Second World Wars which provided him with an excellent knowledge of the main French battlefields of the Somme and D-Day. David is a freelance photographer and has had the privilege of photographing many events attended by Royalty.



Michael was a professional musician for twenty years (please see The Founder tab) and travelled the world extensively. He has owned British Heritage Chauffeur Tours for more than two decades. His interests are the fascinating heritage of Britain, classic cars and music. Michael will be sure to entertain you with many a tale during your journey.






They say that behind every successful man is a woman. Well in Pam’s case it’s probably more appropriate to say ‘an exhausted woman!’ Ever since Pam met Mike in Liverpool over 40 years ago, she has played an important role in all of Mike’s business ventures. Often the unsung hero, working tirelessly behind the scenes, there’s nothing she can’t turn her hand to. Her skills range from breeding Rottweilers to managing the company accounts! Today she has the key role of liaising with clients, getting to know their interests and constructing the wonderful itineraries that delight and surprise our customers.



Kelly runs KVA Digital, our digital communications agency who support us with our website, design, branding and marketing collateral. Kelly has over ten years commercial experience and loves to combine her development coding skills with her passion for design. Outside of the office, she has a true love of cars and used to enjoy racing her Lotus Elise before she became a mother and there was no back seat for the baby!


Cotswolds Pub

“Thank you - so very, very much - for all you did to create such an utterly fantastic trip for all of us. It was spectacular. Everything went perfectly and without exception, everyone had a splendid time every single day. From meals, to theatre, to (country pursuits), it was ALL tremendous. Even for us old, jaded types, the ‘trip of a lifetime.’ You were marvelous to put up with all our foibles and annoyances, and we are deeply grateful to you.”

John Ashford, CEO Hawthorn Group LC, Washington DC.

“We found no other tour service that offered the same uncompromising standards. Mr Frye and his impressively qualified team transformed a rudimentary travel sketch into a lifetime of heartfelt memories.”

Ann Marie & Robert Ludvik, President Balmoral Custom Homes, Toronto, Canada.